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Flower me not

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 3, 2008

Some people know how to appreciate the floral world.

I have concluded that I will never be one of these people. It’s not a matter of stopping and smelling the darned things. I will walk right past them, pretty much every day of my life, unless someone points them out to me. I am just dumb to the concept. I can, once my attention is drawn to them, absolutely appreciate their beauty.

For about half a minute. Then I want to get something to eat, or something.

I am not such a brute, am I? I like puppies, kittens. Children, from a distance (besides mine–on the distance, that is). Music, good. I appreciate the visual world. But to me, flowers are mostly colorful grass that thank goodness someone else takes care of.

Can we still be friends?


10 Responses to “Flower me not”

  1. Jack said

    “Then I want to get something to eat, or something.”

    Made me laugh.

  2. Ara Rubyan said

    Yes. Of course.

    But then how do you feel about sunsets? Because that could be a deal-breaker.

  3. Jack said

    “But then how do you feel about sunsets? Because that could be a deal-breaker.”

    He’s gotta point.

  4. McKiernan said

    So how are you on salami’s ?

  5. jan said

    Well, I’m not much interested in law, so we’ll call it even, ok?

  6. jaymaster said

    I hear ya brother.

    For a couple weeks in Spring, I enjoy the flowers that burst forth from the earth, and usher in the change from brown and gray to green and blue. At least around here, anyway.

    So, I’m digging them right about now.

    After that, eh, they’re OK.

    But trees…. Now there’s a plant worthy of awe!

  7. But Jan, most people don’t care about law.

  8. Oh, sunsets. Oh, they can be very pretty. One of my favorite blog posts is this one. I feel spiritually inspired by sunsets, which do not make me sneeze.

    Salami, what’s not to like?

  9. Oh yeah what about walks on the beach and small helpless furry animals?

    As for salami,why even ask! Salami..mmmmmmmmm….

  10. […] by Ron Coleman on April 15, 2008 No, I haven’t changed my views about flowers.  Just unfortunately another day in the hospital, bearing flora for a loved (female) one — […]

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