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Magic for everyone

Posted by Ron Coleman on March 28, 2008


It is not that I necessarily object to popularization of Kabbala. There is certainly a precedent to this . . .

What is different now is the admixture of New Age thinking and terminology and the incessant and careless dumbing down of profound ideas to fit the needs of the audience. The line between popularization and desecration is thin. Popularization is good but the classic works of Kabbalah are full of warnings about the consequences of carelessness and lack of seriousness in the the study of hidden wisdom.

I like Avakesh. He’s very thoughtful and thinks hard about hard things.


One Response to “Magic for everyone”

  1. Jack said

    That puts me in mood of the sea…

    The line between what can be known and what will never be
    Lies open to most every man, be he famous or discreet…

    The line between what’s popular and that so rarely seen
    Lies somewhere ‘tween impossible, and what’s easy to achieve,

    Into the world God often spills a little this or that
    But somethings he will hide beneath the rabbit in the hat,

    Don’t ask me why somethings are best when few may know them well
    Maybe that’s what shades the lines ‘tween heaven and the hells,

    But one thing’s sure if any is that man may say he knows
    A secret lost to everyone has nowhere else to go,

    And so we keep what’s most concealed from even in ourselves
    For in that knowing not we are in ignorance to delve,

    The line between what can be known and what will never be
    Lies open to most everyone, be they wise or in conceit

    The line between what’s evident and what we’ll never see
    Lies swallowed like a treasure chest beneath the deepest seas.

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