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The perils of making a decision

Posted by pennywit on March 16, 2008

First off, I’d like to thank Ron Coleman for inviting me to post occasionally on Likelihood of Success. It’s definitely an honor.

Second, we’ve got an exceptionally snarky Today’s Papers segment in Slate today. Reviewing a New York Times story on the Democratic Party superdelegates’ hand-wringing on the Obama vs. Clinton question, Slate encourages the superdelegates to just “[p]ick a candidate.” Slate adds:

As the Times says, “[I]t is a virtual certainty that neither candidate will win enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination,” so the decision will come down to the votes of the superdelegates. But many of them are “hoping they will be relieved of making an excruciating decision that could lose them friends and supporters at home.” A true profile in courage.

Slate has a point. Shouldn’t these so-called “superdelegates,” who are supposed to be drawn from the Democratic Party’s leaders, put on their superdelegate tights and be leaders instead of waiting around for the decision to be made for them? And a broader question: Does this superdelegate superangst point to a leadership vacuum among America’s politicians?


One Response to “The perils of making a decision”

  1. David Linn said

    Why would we expect politicians to be something other than politicians. Why would we expect them to do something that ignores the back-scratching, back-patting, back-stabbing and shoulder rubbing that comprise the anatomy of politics?

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