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Holocaustism idiocy

Posted by Ron Coleman on March 14, 2008

“Ala. building can’t shake swastika shape”

From the ground, the Wesley Acres Methodist retirement home looks like any other building. But fly over in an airplane, and the outline is unmistakable: It’s one big swastika.

Prompted by complaints from a Jewish activist, the agency that owns the government-funded building is planning to alter its shape to disguise the Nazi symbol.

This is the most idiotic thing I have read in a while, and I do a lot of reading for someone who still moves his lips on the big words.

This is what a “Jewish activist” has to be “active” about? An efficiently designed building that invokes his or her superstitious emotions when viewed from the sky?!

Good things the Jews don’t have any real problems.


5 Responses to “Holocaustism idiocy”

  1. DK said

    The “Jewish activist” surely belongs to a wonderful organization doing great things for both the Jewish people and the world.

  2. Only one?

  3. ED said

    This is ridiculous. An awful lot of Southern boys died defeating Hitler in World War 2 and they probably got some in this home. LET THEM LIVE IN PEACE.

  4. Ara Rubyan said

    This is almost as ridiculous as John Ashcroft putting up a curtain to hide some [breasts] on a statue in the Great Hall of the Dept. of Justice. Edited for language — RDC

  5. Ara Rubyan said

    Oops. Won’t happen again Ron!

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