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Hall of shame

Posted by Ron Coleman on March 11, 2008

Right Wing News has a collection of “Pics From Past ‘Press Conferences Of Shame.'”

Obviously, what’s really notable here is that these political wives, so accustomed to acting as props for their candidate / incumbent husbands, zombily trot themselves out for the highest-intensity humiliation that frankly could be imagined for a woman.

That is the only explanation for why these women do this. It’s hardly good enough.

And the egotism in the man who would demand, or even request — or even permit! — his wife to accompany him at such a moment is incomprehensible… even to me.

Yet so is the makeup of a man or woman who can run for political office in any but a local election. Constantly talking about yourself. Printing bumper stickers, posters, buttons with your name on them. This will distort anyone’s judgment.

This will make almost anyone, it seems, think he can get away with anything.

UPDATE: Her story.

UPDATE SQUARED: Instapundit:

Comparing Eliot Spitzer and Bill Clinton. “I know there are distinctions, but what are the morally and legally relevant ones? Here is one: Many people believe that prostitution should be legal; no one believes that perjury should be legal. . . . But this much is certainly true. Spitzer is a hundred times more of a hypocrite than Clinton.”

In conversation I have made the same point. If you telescope the timing on the perjury piece, the cases are perfectly comparable, and if Clinton did not leave, I am not clear why Spitzer should. But perhaps the higher level of hypocrisy makes him more insufferable politically — to his own party.

UPDATE CUBED: Ah yes. The high hypocrisy card has now been dealt. This degree of it, I had not known.


5 Responses to “Hall of shame”

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    Some say we should get satisfaction out of seeing a big fat hypocrite get his comeuppance.

    But, for me, there’s no satisfaction in that. For one thing, all you have to do is look at his wife’s eyes in that picture. End of story.

    Also, so many other hypocrites get off free and clear, you know? Once you accept that reality then this kind of schadenfruede becomes — itself — an exercise in hypocrisy.

    No thanks.

  2. I agree with you 100%, Ara.

  3. There is no reason to believe the wife was coerced into doing any walk of shame appearances against her will.
    If she decided to stand by her husband in pictures, no need to place the blame on Elliot for that too, at this time.
    And why is this unflattering photograph being bandied about in print and on the web to assist with the scandalous story telling.

    Prostitution in and of itself is legal in different states and certainly different countries think Nevada and or the Netherlands.
    I’ve never understood how the same act of purchasing sex or sexual favors could be perfectly legal in one state and banned in another up to and including the mann act for inducing and or coercing the inter state transport of individuals for “immoral behavior”.

    But how could “the law” be so seemingly subjective and territory oriented in nature especially for something that is pretty universally applicable, in that there are no specific territories with prostitution plantations and sex unions already existing with built in ancient legislation .

    Obviously when a marriage is involved its a whole different kind of heartrending story,and the pain of infidelity must be unbearable on both ends, I would never minimize the pain in any way And the whole story is just so sad from so many different angles.

    Focusing exclusively on Elliot Spitzer for a second, the guy is hardcore pure and unadulterated brilliance, look at what he has accomplished with his life. I’m in awe of the guy.

    I don’t think he should be forced to resign just cuz he made some mistakes with his sex life. Whether his mistakes were legal in New York or not.And or whether he prosecuted the same kind of stuff is so besides the point.

    He is still a brilliant, hard working governor, and so many other things, whether he had pricey sex with prostitutes on Valentines day or not.

    I hope Elliot and his wife and kids find a way to resolve the conflicts painlessly, attain inner peace, real happiness and success in all their endeavors. And I hope Elliot doesn’t resign.

  4. Jaded, I don’t think she was coerced, except emotionally, perhaps. Yes, she made her choice to be his prop this time, at the expense of every bit of her dignity. I believe he should have enough respect for her to have not let that happen, regardless of how it came about. When you consider that most people in relationships don’t even remotely do competition, I find the lack of sensitivity on his part, regarding her — regardless of how, after all these years, she is conditioned to stand by her man — appalling.

    Laws are what they are. Most of us exceed the speed limit regularly and when and if we are caught, it does seem to be a subjective matter. But the fact that the speed limit exists is an objective fact. If Governor Spitzer (I’m not on a first-name basis with him as you are!) wanted to change this law, at least in New York (not the Mann Act, I guess), he was in a marvelous position to do so. He never remotely suggested he had any such intention. To the contrary, by all indications he wanted the ability to prosecute other people for breaking it, even though he realized it was a law that could be hard to live with for some people.

    He is brilliant. So were and are many dictators and demagogues. Heck, I know some people who despise members of the clergy because of what they regard as their moral failings in interpersonal relationships, even though they are clearly brilliant. It seems that as usual the question is whose ox, in terms of one’s sensibilities, is being gored.

    I think you in particular, based on the kinds of things you have written in the past, will be interested to see the roaches in this particular kitchen now that the light has been switched on, by the way. Tales are already coming out about just what a political and personally bully this very ambitious and arrogant man is. Or at least he was.

    If Elliot is to find the kind of peace you describe, Jaded, it will have to begin with evaluating how he treats all kinds of other people and, I guess, his relationship with his Creator, too, if that matters to him. That is where peace is to be found for all of us.

  5. Focusing exclusively on Elliot Spitzer for a second, the guy is hardcore pure and unadulterated brilliance, look at what he has accomplished with his life. I’m in awe of the guy.

    I have to take issue with that, too, Jaded. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I am not all that compelled by his career arc given all the advantages he has had.

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