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Petty tyranny

Posted by Ron Coleman on March 5, 2008

ABC News:

Voters in two Vermont towns approved measures Tuesday calling for the indictment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for what they consider violations of the Constitution.

More symbolic than anything, the items sought to have police arrest Bush and Cheney if they ever visit Brattleboro or nearby Marlboro or to extradite them for prosecution elsewhere — if they’re not impeached first.

“More symbolic than anything”?  How about more pathetic than anything.

Most of us manage to keep our impotence to ourselves, though it is true that it is harder to hide our ignorance.  Must of us don’t live in Vermont, though.


5 Responses to “Petty tyranny”

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    Most of us manage to keep our impotence to ourselves, though it is true that it is harder to hide our ignorance.

    I’m disappointed in you. What’s next — you’re going to call them “sheeple?”

    Must of us don’t live in Vermont, though.

    Oh, come on, Ron. You sound like the prototypical tri-stater who thinks the rest of us are living in some provincial wasteland.

    Look, I’ll make you a deal: go to Brattleboro and spend a weekend with the folks there. Then spend the following week in DC going door to door in the US Capitol building, visiting the Congressmen who work there. Take the White House tour; watch a speech given by the POTUS. Visit the US Supreme Court while it’s in session.

    Then, when you’re done, come back and look me in the eye and tell me which ones are the “petty tyrants” and which ones are the real people.

    Ron, I don’t think you’re going to get far by calling the people of Brattleboro “petty tyrants.” Pretty much the entire American tradition of self-government tells us that the petty tyrants are the The petty tyrants are the people in Washington, not Vermont.

  2. Fern R said

    Yawn. This sort of stuff is so…dumb. It’s such a waste of time. It frustrates me that people think that doing this sort of thing is somehow useful or worthy of the 5 seconds it took them to vote for it.

  3. Jonathan said

    Isn’t Brattleboro the place that tried and executed General Pinochet? Oh, wait…

    They have nice cows, though!

  4. pennywit said

    Any particular reason that city councils can’t stick to zoning, sewers, and schools?


  5. Ara Rubyan said

    I think it’s a measure of frustration with Congress that people (and not just in Vermont) have spoken up in opposition to Bush and Cheney.

    I’ll say it again: the biggest scandal and shanda of the last 7 years may turn out to be that Bush and Cheney were not impeached and convicted by the US Congress.

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