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Nuts or what? (bumped — picture added)

Posted by Ron Coleman on March 4, 2008

subway-evangelist.jpgOne morning last week it was so cold on the way to work that I took the unusual step of walking in the underground passageway that connects the west side subways to the ones on the east side at 42nd Street, instead of my usual approach of walking one block east on 41st Street to the pick up the 7 train.

And just at the stairs down to the 7 platform, there they were again — the table full of literature, the fire-and-brimstone placards — a handful of black holy rollers of the old school, working the subway for Jesus.

Usually they’re pretty laid back, but evidently this morning some passerby had riled up my man, and he was hurling angry firebolts at this unidentifiable person as he or she continued down the tiled corridor.

“You devil! You must repent! Repent, you devil! Repent!!!”

This person is very passionate about his beliefs. But of course, he can’t possibly think that he can persuade a person this way, can he?

I wonder. Does this lack of sensitivity about how to talk to people mean this evangelist is for sure nuts?


4 Responses to “Nuts or what? (bumped — picture added)”

  1. jaymaster said

    Some folks claim that communicating with an imaginary being in hopes of changing events on Earth (or elsewhere) is an act of insanity.

    I’ll just say there are many paths to spiritual fulfillment.

  2. mary said

    I’ve always thought that shouting evangelists were the nutter-equivalent to any other ranting street person, but my friends who are Christian believers think this behavior is an acceptable way of saying “please won’t you give a donation?”

  3. Jonathan said

    Beats me. I used to assume that the ranters were fulfilling some kind of initiation or basic-training requirement, after which they would advance to more-effective roles. Yet some of these guys are at it year after year. They must believe that they are doing something good by being annoying and confrontational.

  4. Ara Rubyan said

    Ron, you should have seen the guys carrying the placards, torches and bullhorns as they preceded one of the neighborhood Mardi Gras parades in Baton Rouge recently. Now THERE’S a scene.

    Bartender, a round of irony for everyone!

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