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You are only coming through in waves

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 26, 2008

Bryant Park at nightWaves of everything are washing over me these days! This is one of the most intense moments of my life. And if you had asked me a month ago what would contribute to my saying such a thing, I would probably put my blog-related activities quite near the top of the list. Oddly enough, although I am trying to post often enough to keep the blog honest, it’s been hard, and the compulsion has not been great.

My other blog, of course, which is of some commercial urgency to me, I have with God’s help managed to keep fresh and creative. It helps that there’s always some kind of intellectual property news breaking off which I can riff. But the broad gauge of Likelihood of Success makes it hard to focus on it. Ironically, though, it is precisely because of that likelihood, please God, that its virtual namesake is experiencing the neglect.

True, here there’s less pressure for “Fresh” and “Creative.” And more liberty for both. The only reason I can write now is that something’s wrong with my real computer, so I am using this other computer at this other desk in my rather odd office which itself now makes a lot more sense than it did a short time ago.

I told you last week about the medical adventures. That makes everything crazier for me, the non-patient (I didn’t say impatient! There’s medicine for that) of course; for two adults supervising youngish children, three healthy feet is not enough. Unfortunately, there are more; another close family member is now going through a bit of a scare that is not yet resolved in terms of how scary, and expecting at least emotional support and engagement. Intense, yes.

But professionally and personally, I don’t know, it’s like everything’s falling on my head at the same time — in a good way, in this case, though I am puzzled by the juxtaposition of health problems in two people who are very close to me. Perhaps, on my account, it is in order to provide me with the opportunity to do certain kinds of kindness, which do not always come naturally to me; but of course other people do not get hurt in order to provide me with spiritual opportunities.

Besides this, though, about a year ago, it was almost exactly the opposite in the strictly personal and professional spheres. That is when I went to Israel for advice, blessings, perspective. Let’s keep the really personal out of it, as a matter of Internet hygiene. Professionally, I am swamped, really with as much work as I can handle; I brought on some help and the help is both executing brilliantly and generating more work! How does that happen?

Even opportunities to open doors, a crack here, a half-a-jamb there, for other people have met with sparkling success.

And the work — it is almost entirely work I want to do which, we have learned the hard way, is the only kind of work this particular cowboy will do well. This is a great blessing. Making a living has been the bugaboo of so much of my life until now — never quite hitting the mark professionally despite mostly looking great in the process. I don’t want to bring on any more evil eyes, you know, but hey, only my friends read Likelihood of Success. It’s just a lot better. And despite everything I’m able to focus on it; this, another change, thanks in part to a friend’s suggestion as to my mental approach that has itself been transformative.

All kinds of waves are crashing on my shore. Not all of them get to be written about. The black-and-white and the passionately-hued, the inspiring and the inspired, the cold, the warm and the melting — is so obviously Providential to me right now. The choices, gambles; directions, connections; departures, arrivals… a panoply of moments, a complex matrix of vivid life is just unfolding within and without.

So who has time for blogging! 😉


5 Responses to “You are only coming through in waves”

  1. jan said

    Glad things are looking up 🙂

  2. jaymaster said

    I’m kind of sorry I haven’t been there for you.

  3. “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being,
    the more joy you can contain.”

    Ups aren’t quite worth it if we don’t have the downs to compare them against, but who am I to talk…I’m just a cranky old man at heart.

  4. Jay, you haven’t been there? Of course you have!

  5. Jonathan said

    Sorry I am late for this party. I wish you and the people you are close to all the best.

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