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PATH to glory

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 26, 2008

Dawn Eden links to a cool article about the PATH train — the economically-priced shuttle that runs from points in northern New Jersey under the Hudson on what seems to be rails laid down by John Henry himself, right up to southwest Midtown Manhattan.

I can’t use the PATH though, because Hoboken and the other Jersey points where you can get it are still way east from where I live, and there’s nowhere to put my car if I drive there.

Also it’s dirty.

And slow. And at night it’s full of drunk yuppies.

I hate the PATH.


2 Responses to “PATH to glory”

  1. A few years ago, I had a couple of business trips that took me to our company’s facility in Teterboro, near the airport. The locals told me, “If you’re going to the city, don’t drive in. Park in Hoboken and take the PATH.” What they didn’t tell me is that I’d spend as much in gas money looking for a parking space in Hoboken as I would have spent on the tunnel toll. Still, I got to see Hoboken, which was nice.

  2. Hoboken has come a long way! But not in the parking department.

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