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In front of Phoenix federal courthouse

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 25, 2008

in front of Phoenix federal courthouse

Not a lot of blogging. I spent the day on one case, and the evening on the case I was in Phoenix for when I took this picture last spring. Just so you know.

Yeah, yeah, the beard’s gone. It was a phase and stuff.


4 Responses to “In front of Phoenix federal courthouse”

  1. Jack said

    It makes you look professional, and yet hairy.

    I’d rephase if I were you.

  2. Beards…I can’t grow them. I have the natural growth gap at the glasses line, cheeks, and face in general. Enjoy what you have Sir. What I wouldn’t give to have a mean set of sideburns (chops) for just one day. Ladies lookout.

  3. Jack, you like it? It really makes me look a lot older. And like a rabbi. It’s kind of complicated but I look enough like a rabbi in general and it’s kind of a lot of pressure to act like one when you look like one and my job is mostly to act like a lawyer.

    Jeremy, what can I tell you. The same testosterone that puts it on my face removes it from the top of my head. The grass is always thicker on the other side!

  4. Well, you got me there. I guess I’ll count my blessings…

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