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Wascally wadicals

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 24, 2008

20080211obamachehouston.jpgFrank J. (his link but slid down):

[T]his seems about right for Obama: He’s too squishy to advocate violence, but he’s a dumb enough lefty to think its cool to hang out with those who do.

So where does hanging out with ’60s terrorists fall: Is it hope or change?

Actually, Frank, dumb is for sure not the word. Yet have you noticed how just … I don’t even have the word for it (so keep refreshing)?! … Obama is?! (Hat tip to Andrew Cory!)


5 Responses to “Wascally wadicals”

  1. Ara said

    Barack Obama baked you a pie!

  2. zach. said

    ron, where’s the beef?

  3. mary said

    Speaking of rabbits, Hamas’ Jew-eating rabbit is now going after Danish cartoonists.

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  5. […] the point, once again, is this: What kind of people, trend-wise, do we find in Barack Obama’s tent, and on his website? The WorldNet article digs into […]

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