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Gallery of Atrocities

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 20, 2008

vegetable-stall.jpgTime to get morally serious about that salad you’ve got there, buster.

Hat tip to Irina Tsukerman!

UPDATE: I had intended to add a link to an article I wrote for Student Lawyer magazine about 20 years ago, a parody law-school “welcome” booklet for a fictional fourth-tier law school called “Welcome to Lincoln Law” in which I believe I actually first originated the concept of a “Vegetable Rights Clinic.” But I recently cleaned up and threw out a bunch of junk, and, well, there ya go. No documentary proof… yet.

Um, I did find this (PDF) from the same era. It’s not as funny, but it has its atrocious aspects, too.


2 Responses to “Gallery of Atrocities”

  1. Irina said

    That booklet would have been fun to see! 🙂

  2. I’m efforting to find it, Irina!

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