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Flower husband

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 19, 2008

Flower husband
Originally uploaded by Ron Coleman.

Not much blogging. Somebody is in the hospital. Not terribly “serious,” thank God, but quite the distraction, and inconvenience. Pain, too. Broken bone kind of thing.

A wise and warmhearted friend recommended a flower purchase when I ran home after the patient was admitted, and as usual she was right. Now the patient would not want her image on the Internet under the best of circumstances; and even I admit that in the hospital there’s nothing photogenic going on.

So here’s this. Actually, it is cute, isn’t it? Me, the terrifying (and highly ranked! and viewed!) corporate litigation attorney, and some peachy roses.

Almost humanizes me.

Well, you need not answer. But that’s all I’ve got for you today.


10 Responses to “Flower husband”

  1. Irina said

    Hope the person recovers soon!

  2. David Linn said

    “Almost humanizes me.”

    Almost, Ron, but not quite.

    Best wishes to the Mrs.

  3. Ara said

    You, um, look like an undertaker. But I mean that in a nice way!

    I am sure I would only be an undertaker in a nice way! — RDC

  4. Broken bone pain could be quite the distraction. Hope the mending is quick and painless.

    I hear vicodine works wonders nowadays to facilitate the process.

    Quite the just peachy floral pickings and general juxtapositioning.

    Once those roses are done acting just peachy and modest (some rose know it alls have suggested that light peach colored roses indicate modesty, among other sentimental expressions that escape me at the moment!) in the vase you can dry them for posterity purposes thus prolonging the just peachy theme for eternity and then some.

  5. General Juxtapositioning — wasn’t he the storied commander of the Second Battle of Central Islip?

    Thanks all for the sentiments! It’s a little BBT reunion here.

  6. Avigdor M'Bawlmawr said

    Refuah Shleimah to the Mrs. You know, perhaps you should go into the flower biz. Aesthetically pleasing, people are always happy to see you. Probably better hours, too.

  7. And it’s not just for sissies, as some people think! You should see the burly Pacific Islander guy who did this simple-looking but elegantly executed arrangement in Clifton!

    But I am not so floral a guy myself.

    Thanks for the wishes, though!

  8. Refuah Sheleimah.

    Are your sure they’re roses, aren’t roses supposed to be red. I think you got ripped off – you know what to do.

  9. NB to regular Americans and others: Refuah Sheleimah is Hebrew for “full recovery,” i.e., “May she have a complete recovery.”

    Roses are supposed to be red when you get red. My insightful advisor said to get the patient roses “in her favorite color.” I think her favorite color is “pinky peach,” or else why are we still discussing that choice of design on the china we bought in 1989?

    There’s enough red in the hospital, Mark!

  10. refu’a sheleima!

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