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Posted by Ron Coleman on February 16, 2008

Could be trouble between a couple of key bloggers in my life. honey-moon.gif

Jonathan Gewirtz is suddenly all enamored with the moon.

Does he even know about… Frank J.?


4 Responses to “Lunacy?”

  1. jan said

    Reminds my of one of my favorite posts.

    Well probably miss the eclipse on this coast, it happens too early. And up north here it’ll probably bee too cloudy anyway, but that’s typical!

  2. Ooh, you love the moon too!

    But you love it occluded. Something psychological there, no?

  3. Jonathan said

    Ha! Well, as a lunar preservationist I want to make a record of how the moon looks. In case anything happens to it.

  4. Jack said

    I like the moon as well as the next guy.

    But you gotta admit Ron, Frank has a point.

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