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Dinesh-ing it out

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 16, 2008

One of my earliest posts here was about the back and forth between Robert Spencer and the Dinesh D’Souza. I hadn’t given D’Souza’s evident crackup a third thought since then (a second thought, I did).

Well, in contrast, Bob is about nothing if not focus:

You may recall that before the illustrious Dinesh D’Souza was a would-be C.S. Lewis, he was a would-be Bernard Lewis — and in his disastrous book The Enemy At Home, surely a candidate to be named The Most Wrongheaded Book of the Twenty-First Century, he declared: “If they want Sharia, let them have it.”And he repeated this grand Let-The-People-Rule sentiment just weeks ago, at which time I first noted the analogy between D’Souza and Stephen A. Douglas, who didn’t care whether slavery were voted up or down as long as it was voted on — and I expressed a preference not for a new Stephen A. Douglas, but a new Lincoln.

But now D’Souza is singing a decidedly different tune, excoriating the Archdhimmi of Canterbury for saying that accommodation of Sharia law was “inevitable” in Britain, saying that the Archdhimmi’s modest proposal was “absurd,” and “a little dangerous to boot.”

It’s just the good old constitutional republicanism against pure democracy question — one that D’Souza seems to be working out very publicly. Which, if you can get book advances to do, is really not so terrible, as long as no one is really listening to you anyway.


One Response to “Dinesh-ing it out”

  1. jan said

    “Since”, not “sense”…

    Mrs. Grundy is not happy with you!

    Fixed, thank you! At least we didn’t get Mr. Weatherbee involved. — RDC

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