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I got a raise

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 13, 2008

From, a new online lawyer-rating service, which now gives me a perfect score on every criterion of ginchiness. For a while I was one in the hole on “industry recognition,” but I guess somebody else recognized me.

All a narcissist needs, I know. But here’s the point of this post: Avvo rates me “Superb, 10.0.” Well, look, I’ve done some very good work from time to time. I’m grateful for the recognition. I have moments where, yes, I may be the best lawyer in the room.

But either there’s a lot longer way down than I appreciate, or Avvo needs to be tweaked. It is in beta, after all. Because I know what the real, true, elite in the profession looks like. The people who are utterly focused, utterly relentless, utterly perfect. Epitomes of preparation, patience and perspicacity.

And I’m not they. Though I do from time to time, uh… beat them. For about half the price.

But I still think Avvo needs to reflect this subtle point: The air may be thin where I’m standing, but I see footsteps in the snowy path leading above.

Unless they’re rating my profile picture, too, maybe?


13 Responses to “I got a raise”

  1. Ara Rubyan said


  2. Sure. How ginchy.

  3. Ara Rubyan said

    HAHAHAhahahaha! You’re not old enough to remember Edd (“Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb”) Byrnes!

    Yes and no, Ara. I remember when it came around again as nostalgia, in the early ’70’s! — RDC

  4. Mark Britton said

    Ron – Your post reminds me that there is a first for everything. Here at Avvo, we are constantly fielding calls from lawyers suggesting that (1) their Avvo Rating is too low, and (2) we need to modify the Avvo Rating (usually based entirely on (1)). I believe you are the FIRST lawyer to ever suggest we modify the Avvo Rating because his Avvo Rating was too HIGH.

    After looking at your Avvo Profile, my diagnosis is that you need to give yourself more credit. C’mon, you have an impressive resume! I’m reminded of SNL’s Stuart Smally “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!” Next time I’m in NYC, I’ll bring you a mirror to practice your daily affirmations. Seriously though, if I put on my GC hat and pretend that I’m looking for an IP litigator, the info in your Avvo Profile (ignoring the Avvo Rating) tells me that there is a superb chance you could effectively handle my matter. Next, I would interview you to vet my initial assessment. And that is the Avvo Rating’s mission: To help non-lawyers make GC-like, initial assessments regarding a lawyer’s background. Armed with that knowledge, people now have a better place to start in their lawyer-selection process.

    Thanks for claiming your Avvo Profile, Ron. May it offer you much business.


    Mark Britton
    CEO, Avvo

  5. Aw shucks, Mark!

    Well. I do appreciate your comments and I do wish you were a GC! But I stand by them. I won’t name names but I still believe there are super-elite lawyers who really are the “perfect 10’s.”

    Unless, that is, you’re saying that Avvo works like Spinal Tap… and you can really go up to 11?! 😉

    (Thanks again for your kind comments! Boy, you guys are proactive!)

  6. Jack said

    Ron, when seeking to shoot yourself in the foot if you aim about head level then you might hit what you’re aiming at.

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  8. You’re just proving my point, Jack. If I were a real “perfect 10” why I could follow whatever the hell you just said.

  9. Jack said

    “You’re just proving my point, Jack. If I were a real “perfect 10″ why I could follow whatever the hell you just said.”

    I’m just ragging on ya a little bit Ron.

    However that being said humility is an excellent personal virtue in almost every sense but the professional one, where it tends to be either counterproductive, or sometimes even, suicidal.

    Take this for what it is worth, and I would never go around counseling a man to say, “I’m the greatest there is or ever will be, look at me, nobody could ever be better.”

    You’ll get proven wrong quick that way.

    But you might say instead, “I’m good, I’m damned good, I worked hard to get that way and I intend to stay that way if at all possible. I am honored by this reconginsiton and will do everything in my power to maintain their reasons for promoting me in this way.”

    The world doesn’t give a crap about your humility and virtues, it cares can you do the job. Your family, your friends, people who know you, and God cares about your spiritual nature and the way you relate to others, the world cares about how good you are at what you do.

    Achievement is it’s own reward, pride merely obscures.
    However in order to achieve people must believe that you are the best at what you do. And they must believe that publicly.
    Never give them reason to doubt that you are the best, either by implication or by action.

    The confidence of others can be in large measure often be gauged by the confidence you radiate outwards from yourself.
    Do not hide or obscure your own lamp and others will use that light to steer by.

    Of course, always make sure you’re also steering the right course, but if so, then do so fearlessly, and confidently in your own abilities.

  10. Jack said

    “…I am honored by this reconginsiton…”

    Stupid Microsoft.

  11. Jack, I do link to the Avvo rating on my other blog — for professional purposes, yes, I’m the best!

    Here among friends, however…

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