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Super indeed?

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 6, 2008

Dave Price:

Notwithstanding the chagrin on much of the right, the GOP probably dodged a couple bullets here yesterday. . . . Now the Dems are in the worst-case scenario that the candidate with all the momentum is slightly behind, meaning the next few months will see a bitter struggle for the nomination that will consume vast amounts of money, drive up the eventual nominee’s negatives, split the party, and force their candidates to pander to their base while McCain is campaigning to the middle as a general election candidate.

I guess this is pretty obvious but thanks to Dave for putting it together.


4 Responses to “Super indeed?”

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    Gosh, I see it differently: the Republican front-runner is the guy who most Republicans didn’t even vote for — but now he’s going to get the nomination. Good luck with that!

    As for the 2 Democrats, the odds are pretty good they’ll partner up this summer and roll over the opposition in the fall.

  2. First, the factual inaccuracy: Obama has all the momentum (agreed?) he’s also ahead on delegates. Only by a few, but he’s ahead nonetheless…

    Secondly: I keep hearing from _everyone_ how much they hated having to chose between the two candidates. The Democrats are going to be motivated in a way that Republicans just won’t be. With a secure base, we can grab some of the independents and, w00t! There it is…

  3. Bob Miller said

    If America has been educated by now to want a welfare state that rolls over for our enemies—and this is not improbable given the instruction in most schools at all levels—the Dems have a great chance to win.

  4. Everyone is forgetting that this is the Democratic Party we are talking about. I can almost guarantee they will find a way to ruin what seems to be inevitable.

    And if Obama gets the nomination, he will piss off his leftist base when he is forced to come to the center. America may have changed in the last 8 years, but not so much that someone with his politics is going to win the Presidency.

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