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Posted by Ron Coleman on February 5, 2008

Yahoo! News:

It may look like gobbledegook, but the most streetwise of teenagers would have no trouble translating and responding to it in kind.A new language is being developed by cell phone-addicted kids based on the predictive text of their treasured handsets.

Key words are replaced by the first alternative that comes up on a mobile phone using predictive text — changing “cool” into “book,” “awake” into “cycle,” “beer” into “adds,” “pub” into “sub” and “barmaid” into “carnage.”

The new code of youth, I guess.


3 Responses to “Textonyms”

  1. Jack said

    The Syntext of It All

    Each term within encoded youth
    Come to times newer to rise gives
    Displayed like paragrams of truth
    Some to sport at played or, wise lived,

    New words through older wyrds are known
    Age the upon turned generations by
    And when they speak, by speech are sewn
    Sage the discontent to variants sly,

    Yet these gilded years yield nothing new
    First not had eras former that,
    The fashion is but different hewn
    Worst not yet and, yet greater no.

  2. Ara said


  3. Fiar said

    So what does “Get off my lawn” become? Crap. I just tried it and it was “get off my lawn.”

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