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Oh my. The Giants!

Posted by Ron Coleman on February 3, 2008

The morning after the Super Bowl in Giantsland

People are screaming on my block in New Jersey, just a few miles from Giants Stadium. Screaming.

I was driving home from Acme with some orange juice and, okay, I checked my BlackBerry one more time to see if the Giants could do the impossible… and they had.

And they did.

And if you don’t see the human interest story — the plain-vanilla, gets-no-respect coach… the overshadowed younger-brother quarterback… the team of no-names picked for a .500 season and perhaps one playoff round right up through the late fall — then you have no heart.


2 Responses to “Oh my. The Giants!”

  1. Ara said

    You gotta believe!

    Best Super Bowl I’ve ever watched.

  2. Bob Miller said

    I remember the great Giant defensive squad of the late 50’s and early 60’s (the chant “Dee-fense!” was invented by their fans). On Sunday, the current crew brought back memories. If Brady wasn’t beat up going into the game, he sure was going out. Nevertheless, it took a “miraculous” last drive to put the stake into Belichick.

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