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You lose some

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 30, 2008

That would be my boy Rudy Giuliani. As the Man who Could Beat Hillary, perhaps his luster wore off when the patina of her inevitability did. Nothing really done right there, though. Is he in play for vice president? An intriguing possibility, but the combination of Rudy and McCain is not going to excite the right-right.

And you win some. Edwards’s withdrawal today actually almost makes up for it, seeing as how while I like Rudy I was never particularly emotionally invested in his candidacy. Whereas I had a visceral dislike for the Shaggy Pony. As Glenn says, “HE’LL BE GOING BACK TO ONE OF THE TWO AMERICAS — the fancier one!” Enjoy it and stay out of our faces, please!

UPDATE: Regarding Edwards, Mary Catherine Ham says, “I imagine the sudden change of heart means he’ll soon be completing Obama’s endorsement sweep of prominent class-warrior Democrats who fight for the working man from the decks of their yachts.”


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