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One pathetic stereotype, to go, please

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 28, 2008

NOW’s New York chapter has gone ballistic in condemning Senator Ted Kennedy for endorsing non-female liberal Barack Obama.


He’s not a chick!

It doesn’t get better than this, really, in terms of transparent, pathetic tokenism.  I assume NOW’s New York chapter is all white, after all.


One Response to “One pathetic stereotype, to go, please”

  1. Fern R said

    You know, I said this on another blog, but NOW has really given up its right to complain about this sort of thing. They sold their soul to the devil when they continued to endorse people like Senator Kennedy (who left a female car passenger to die when he drove his car off the road) and President Clinton (who has a long, well-known list of not-female-friendly “activities”). They were willing to look the other way when those guys were doing things a lot more harmful to women, but now they’re up in arms when a Senator decides not to endorse the female candidate? The situation is so ridiculous that it’s almost beyond belief. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

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