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And another thing

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 23, 2008

Thank You

Originally uploaded by Ron Coleman.

Why would you want to leave the thanking of paying customers to… your garbage receptacle?

Even if you’re going to thank them yourself, as they did in this restaurant tonight after I scarfed down my lonely slices of kosher pizza, why would you want the garbage pail to even be engaging your clients on the gratitude plane?

I like a nice clean garbage can that doesn’t try to insinuate itself into any of my emotional matrices, okay?


9 Responses to “And another thing”

  1. jan said

    You’re just too needy, Ron. Don’t blame the poor unfortunate garbage can (who works long hours under disgusting and often smelly conditions) just because it can’t satisfy your emotional needs! 🙂

  2. Cad. Maybe the trash can genuinely is thankful. Maybe you’re too good for it, eh?

  3. Ara Rubyan said

    Better late than never, I always ….


  4. It’s just garbage, man.

  5. Ara said

    But it’s really polite garbage.

    That counts for something doesn’t it??

  6. Fern said

    The owner of the restaurant isn’t using the garbage can to thank you for patronizing his restaurant, he’s using it to thank you for having the good manners to throw your garbage away instead of leaving it on the table.

    Besides, what is wrong with a business owner being so grateful that he even chose a trash bin that says “Thank You” anyway?! 😉

  7. Ara said

    I think the key phrase in Ron’s post was “…scarfed down my lonely slices…”

  8. Ara, you can be quite perceptive when you are not being political!

  9. Jack said

    On the internet people need things to talk about.

    Or it’s not good for much.

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