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Ms’ing a clue

Posted by Casey Tompkins on January 15, 2008

Ron recently commented on Ms. Magazine’s recent bone-headed refusal to run an ad describing three of the women who help run Israel. You’d think feminists would get all worked up over that kind of real-world “girl power.”

Since the wyminists over at Ms. seem to have trouble with the concept, I would like to present Girls Women from the IDF. Completely work-safe, unless your boss is offended by beautiful women in uniform, with guns.

Me, I think I fell in love a couple of dozen times…


3 Responses to “Ms’ing a clue”

  1. What does this prove, Casey?

  2. Fern R said

    See, this is the sort of thing a feminist magazine should object to, not an advertisement highlighting the women’s role in the Israeli government. Oogling women who are serving their country is just gross and wrong. Talk about objectification!

  3. Well, Ron, it proves that one can find all sorts of lovely ways to bust the chops of reactionaries like Ms. Magazine, if one so chooses.

    I deliberately chose the link as a tongue-in-cheek jab at modern feminism, as well as the attitude which (I hope) Fern is parodying above. The women in question are laying their lives on the line for their country; surely they’re as noteworthy as a high-level politician or bureaucrat?

    If nothing else I would expect Ms. to find the link provided even more objectionable than the original ad…

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