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Ehud Olmert, zombie of Zionism

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 13, 2008

Jonathan Rosenblum:

After the failed Camp David summit of 2000, George Will pronounced then prime minister Ehud Barak “perhaps the most calamitous leader any democracy has ever had” for the way he had succeeded in “delegitimizing all previous [Israeli] positions….”By that standard, our current Ehud is worse.

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7 Responses to “Ehud Olmert, zombie of Zionism”

  1. naftali said

    I think the problem with these leaders is they really want more than anything else to be liked by Goyim. I also want to be liked by non-Jews, but only on my terms. I am glad that Ms magazine
    refused to accept the groveling “we are as goyish as everyone else so like us” advertisement.

  2. Ara said

    Olmert makes Tony Blair look like a mastiff.

  3. Bob Miller said

    Olmert just takes his responsibilities to his boss more seriously than some. Only problem is, he thinks Condi is his boss and not his own nation.

  4. I don’t believe, Bob, that Olmert isn’t entirely motivated by his own ambition. In fact there have been press reports suggesting the Americans are almost embarrassed by the Israelis’ willingness to bend over backwards.

  5. Ara said

    That, I don’t mind.

    It’s when they bend over forwards that bothers me.

  6. Jonathan said

    Reading Rosenblum, I am grateful for the historical accident that is W. I suspect that a President Gore or Kerry, particularly the latter, would have put the USA into a parallel situation WRT our enemies as Olmert has done for Israel.

  7. Ara said

    You know how low we’ve sunk when the very real disaster that is the Bush-Cheney administration is compared favorably to the imaginary administration of his political opponents. Holy cow — talk about lowering the bar.

    Wake up Jonathan — it’s time for school!

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