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What’s crawling under that Ron

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 8, 2008

The New Republic has recently become famous for its making-stuff-up journalism.

But they sure seem to have good sources for this — a collection of old Ron Paul publications that show him to be every bit the creep we thought he was.

A slimy creep. Time to go, Ronnie boy.

UPDATE:  More here, from David Bernstein.


4 Responses to “What’s crawling under that Ron”

  1. I think Ron Paul is actually supported by the internet itself; not individual users on the net, but itself as an entity. It is the only way to explain how every time Paul is mentioned anywhere online, there ends up being dozens of comments in minutes claiming the piece is libel and neocon propaganda.

    Another nail in Paul’s coffin. Not that his supporters will care.

  2. Ara said

    Skinheads and hippies: that’s Paul’s constituency.

    The skinheads like him for his anti-government slant and the hippies like him for his anti-corporate slant. And they both looooove him for his anti-Israel slant.

  3. Ara Rubyan calling hippies, hippies.

    Another subtle nuance I have to learn to appreciate!

  4. Ara Rubyan said

    Only Nixon could go to China.

    I’m just saying.

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