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The magnificent seven

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 6, 2008

I try not to cross-post with LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® too often, but this seemed like a good general topic even though it’s “blawgy,” and increasingly the audience for the two blogs doesn’t really intersect:

I hadn’t picked up on this — as part of its “ABA 100” story, the ABA Journal published brief profiles of the seven “revolutionaries” of law blogging, as they see it:

All good choices. One thing I find noteworthy: Only one of them (Goldstein) works for a major law firm (though probably most or many of them have, at one time or another). I wish I had the time to run down the whole ABA 100. I suspect the big firms are way under-represented, especially considering the obsession with Big Law at publications such as American Lawyer.

Why? It’s not just because running a good legal blog is time-consuming. It’s because blogging well on a real topic requires independence of mind, a distinct style, strong opinions and willingness to stick out — not a good combination at all for success in institutional corporate law firms. Believe me.


2 Responses to “The magnificent seven”

  1. Actually, when Howard and Denise started their blogs, both were at large firms, but their blogging lead them to different paths. In fact, I think that Howard Bashman was far more prolific with his analysis in the early years of his blog than now. Conversely, Goldstein had his own practice, and I think that SCOTUS Blog only further reinforced his expertise, making him even more attractive to a large firm. Also, Bashman’s and Goldstein’s blog have always been extremely objective about the news, with subtle spin as best. Those blogs succeeded by covering an area – appellate law and Supreme Court practice – that had never been covered as extensively. No doubt, both blogs are intelligent and well written, but they stand out mostly because of the wealth of information they provide. Perhaps that is the benefit of being a pioneer in the blogging field.

  2. Excellent points, Carolyn! I especially agree with your take on the success of SCOTUS.

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