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My brain hurts

Posted by Ron Coleman on January 5, 2008

If you want to feel like you know what’s going on with the debates and the politics and the whole thing, but like me you don’t really want to work that hard, I think Glenn Reynolds’s round-up here is a good place to start.  And finish.


5 Responses to “My brain hurts”

  1. jan said

    Enough to make my brain hurt, too… (Glad I’m not the only one!)

  2. Ara said

    Sitting on a couch and watching a couple of hours of a debate is hard work? Boring maybe (thank goodness for TiVo) but certainly not hard.

    What exactly do you people do for a living anyway?

  3. InstaPundit’s where I always go when I need a wrap-up of things like this (I went out and had MUGeritas with friends instead).

  4. Ara, I just find political discourse, especially by actual politicians, too painfully dishonest to bear experiencing in real time.

  5. Ara Rubyan said

    Ron, the only thing I find more painfully dishonest is the what the punditry and barking heads try to tell me. As bad as it might seem, it makes more sense to watch the politicians myself; then I don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it. It’s what I’ve taught my kids to do as well: we’re watching history in the making. Watch it now — Don’t read about it later when the historians are arguing about it.

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