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Posted by Ron Coleman on January 1, 2008

Ed Morrissey reports on a quickie blogger-conference-call from Huckabee:

I like Mike Huckabee, but this call was really a waste of time. It sounded like an internal conference designed to cheer the stalwarts rather than an opportunity to get asked something other than softballs. It’s not that Huckabee gave poor answers — he sounded very good, in fact — but the questions did nothing except tee up his well-known thoughts on his biography and education.

I wanted to give him an opportunity to address the fallout of his press conference in which he announced he would not run a particular attack ad against Mitt Romney and then screened it for the press anyway, as bloggers and pundits have been openly wondering what Huckabee intended with that move. I figured that if I didn’t get the chance to ask that question, someone else would — but we only got three softballs, and slow-pitched ones at that.

Chuck Norris may have been the most interesting part of this call.

Well, you’d have to say that!


One Response to “Slo-pitch”

  1. Ara said

    If Huckabee wins Iowa, watch for a slew of stories about how much of a genius Ed Rollins is. He’s the guy who got Huckabee to decry Bush’s “arrogant bunker mentality” (translation: we’re not like all the other fawning Republicans). He also got Huckabee to bring guns to Romney’s knife-fight. Rollins believes they’ll win Iowa, McCain will win New Hampshire and then it’ll be on to South Carolina — McCain’s Waterloo in 2000.

    Pass the popcorn!

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