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Another narrow bridge

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 31, 2007

Walkway over FDR Drive

Originally uploaded by Ron Coleman.

Walkway over the FDR Drive to the East River, sometimes one of my favorite places, at around 50th Street.


4 Responses to “Another narrow bridge”

  1. cosmicconservative said


    I wasn’t sure how to get an email to you, but I was wondering if you have posted your opinion of this story.

    It’s a story about how the RIAA wants to make it illegal to copy music from a legally purchased CD onto a legally purchased computer.

  2. Hi, Sean. Actually I linked to it at the UPDATE here. I can’t imagine I have anything to say about this that’s novel. It’s preposterous!

  3. Naftali said

    Why can’t they do it? Can’t the CD producers stipulate same in a user agreement? Like dekel lipeiroisov.

  4. The could, but they have not, and they would like to control the terms of that transaction. Really this discussion belongs at the link to Likelihood of Confusion in (2) above, if you want to have it.

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