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Unchained melodies

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 30, 2007


WARNER BROTHERS goes copy-protection free with DRM-less MP3 downloads at Amazon. This is a good trend.

A technological war of attrition can be very costly. (Click on the pic, by the way — it really is a marvelous Unchained Melody.)

UPDATE:  Huh-boy.  See here for the update.


2 Responses to “Unchained melodies”

  1. jan said

    Yay! (Good thing I’ve never illegally downloaded anything…)

  2. With this latest blunder, the RIAA finally lost it.

    I am generally a STRONG proponent of copyrights. Even when the RIAA has made some moves that were very bad PR, I generally said:

    1. That was stupid.

    2. But they’re within their rights.

    3. And anyone who’s copying and sharing IS infringing.

    But now, they’ve removed “and sharing” from their position. That puts even me, one of their most loyal supporters, into violation — all because I would rather carry one computer than carry 150 CDs.

    This was the most stupid thing the RIAA could possibly do,

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