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“The silent majority”

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 26, 2007

Another “best of the year” post.

A little bloggerly introspection about one blogger’s insatiable need for connection — and, at the original post, some good comments! — from April, and a photo I took almost exactly a year ago and which I still love-love-love:

I am constantly impressed at the phenomenon of lurking on email lists times-square-skyline.jpgand the roughly equivalent one of reading blogs without commenting. I realize that in fact most people do these things and do not contribute to discussions. It was the same in school; most people do not wish to speak up in class. Yet here you can do so anonymously. There is no grading. Still you remain, mostly, silent. And what I crave is your society. Connection.

You demur. I wish I had an ounce of that humility (others also wish I did). But the one thing I couldn’t stand in the old newsprint days was that They, by virtue of having a printing press, could say, and I had to just read.

Today was a good day for a humble blog — no, I’m no Ali Eteraz! — with about 700 unique readers. I got about 40 comments, also a lot, but it was from about 15 people. That ratio amazes me. You can say what you think! You can disagree with the writer! You can agree with the writer!

“Nope. No thanks, just looking. Go on.”

I guess it takes all kinds… mostly the other kind, in fact.


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