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Big hairy thing

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 25, 2007

The Truth Laid Bear is a quirky ursine, but for what’s it worth he has us down as a Large Mammal in his Ecosystem these days. Considering that we haven’t had an Instalanche in a while, that suggests that this blog is starting to get a little traction. That’s gratifying for a blog started less than a year ago by someone a little less photogenic than Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: Never mind!


4 Responses to “Big hairy thing”

  1. I’m just a flappy bird and I’ve been doing this for 6 years!
    Oh well. At least I’m successful when it comes to failing. 😛

  2. Now, Scott!

    I’m a little embarrassed now because it turns out that I just got linked by Glenn Reynolds without even soliciting his interest and via what I thought was a rather unremarkable post by me. That will inflate my ranking for a week, too. And then I will be a success, huh!

  3. David Linn said

    Can you honestly say this is the forst time someone has called you a “big hairy thing”?

  4. I never did say that, David!

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