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“Plain talk on Obama”

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 24, 2007

More “best of.”

Last spring I called out Obama and asked everyone to open their eyes and acknowledge what he was:

All right, I’ll admit it.

Look, Obama’s playing on being a minority group member. Well, let’s face it; he is. And let’s look at that minority, shall we?

We know what they’re all about, and so do they. Very well. Their culture openly, unabashedly celebrates who they really are. Substance abuse? Check. Violence? Infamous. Hostility to Anglo-Saxon values? Not a little — a lot. Just ask any one of ’em and stay the hell clear.

Sure, they’ve developed their own language, put English to their own unique rhythm — but so subversively! They claim to commemorate their cultural heritage but they do it all over our streets. These folks are not going back, and they’re not really assimilating.

Yes, damn it, I will admit it. I say to hell with another Irish president!


2 Responses to ““Plain talk on Obama””

  1. craig mclaughlin said

    Not funny, Coleman.

    Aye, and they’re thin-skinned too!

    McLaughlin, even before I was a wee lad my pater used to work for what was then called Irish National Airlines. The one Jew in the place! And sure and he did look like one too. Yet Coleman is a common Irish name evidently and folk were constantly trying to convince him he must be Irish after all.

    He was in the Army Reserves and was called up during the Berlin Crisis; when he came back his job was pretty much gone. — RDC

  2. craig mclaughlin said

    Oh, I don’t blame you for Jesus. He was doomed anyway.

    Oh believe me, we blame ourselves! — RDC

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