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Absolute power corrupts, idiotically

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 24, 2007

Betsy Newmark:

John Kerry has been pressuring cable companies and the NFL to reach an agreement so that more people could see Saturday’s possibly history-making game between the undefeated New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Kerry asked football Commissioner Roger Goodell today to move the game to NBC – and threatened Senate hearings if he does not.

“Under the unfortunate circumstance that this matter remains unresolved, leaving 60 percent of households across the country – including thousands in Massachusetts – without access to Saturday’s game, I will ask the Senate Commerce Committee to hold hearings on how the emergence of premium sports channels are impacting the consumer,” he wrote to Goodell today in a letter released by his office.

The Massachusetts Democrat added that he would “consider what legislative measures may be necessary to ensure that consumers are more than bystanders in this process.”

I suppose that would come under Americans’ right to life, liberty, and seeing important NFL games.

Is there no way he can get the nomination again?


7 Responses to “Absolute power corrupts, idiotically”

  1. The inalienable Right to….

    watch football games.

  2. Chad said

    Personally, I could care less.
    However, how much taxpayer money goes to funding professional sports? From what I hear it is a lot of $$.
    Maybe people who pay taxes deserve to see something for their funds.

  3. What do you hear, Chad? In specific.
    If you are right, should we “nationalize” professional sports, and TV, too?

  4. jan said

    Well, if they’re holding hearings about football, then at least they’ll be too busy to do anything damaging. Which, since don’t care a whit about football, is just fine with me. Still I can’t believe that even he is that big a twit.

  5. Hank Barnes said

    Is it kind of disquieting that a sitting Senator can basically threaten a private enterprise/organization with an investigation, if it doesn’t succumb to his wishes.

    I would tell Kerry to piss off.

  6. YM said

    This is the most important thing he can do for the voters who sent him to the Senate. I am not being sarcastic.

  7. MeyerB said

    Looks like they caved. NBC & CBS does anyone know when was the last time something like that happened for a football game? if ever!

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