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CVS comes to town

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 19, 2007

img00197.jpgThey just opened it up on the corner of 42nd and Third Avenue, where I work. The amazing thing is that there are at least four Duane Reades within a two-by-two block radius of this CVS, but these guys have a better location than any of them. And I never had much use for Duane Reade; it always struck me as somewhat cheesier, though, you know, some people think Duane Reade is to die for. I’m a little more corporate kind of a guy, I guess.

It’s really something, this New York City pharmacy / variety store / real estate business. But it’s not just in the City! Where I live, in bucolic Passaic County, New Jersey, there must be three CVS’s within a square mile of my house. The digital-picture-printing machine can’t read my flash drive in this one? Over to the next one over, and out in ten minutes with pictures for insertion into “holiday” cards.

I mean, I guess you have to be here.

This store is open all the time. Never not there for me. Deep in snacks and even breakfast cereal, oaty bars, though no sandwich bread (a key ingredient for us kosher office rats, especially in a very kosher-restaurant-poor zip code). You can otherwise pretty much live out of the CVS for days at a time (except for sleeping, and I have a nice office-carpet floor for lying down on if strictly necessary) — fresh milk, juices, all kinds of pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids. It’s really a wonder.

Plus you can check yourself out — no human interaction necessary. Really, what’s not to love?


2 Responses to “CVS comes to town”

  1. YAC said

    Really, what’s not to love?

    Well, CVS is an embodiment of American economical culture, up there with Coke and McDonalds. So if you’re a radical leftist, that’s bad.

    Otherwise, I agree. 😉

  2. jan said

    Being a grumpy, hermit-like creature, I love self checkouts!

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