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“They killed my husband”

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 12, 2007

Above The Law reprints a bizarre obituary evidently written by the widow of a lawyer, who believes his partners killed him by overwork.


5 Responses to ““They killed my husband””

  1. That’s Karoshi – apparently it happens often in Japan (without the help of fat-saturated Creole food).

    In Japan, they even sue..

  2. You mean, “Even in Japan, they sue”!

  3. I guess that is what I meant..

  4. jaymaster said

    I originally planned to leave a comment here about how this wasn’t really big news to me. Over my 20 year career, I’ve known 25-30 good, decent co-workers who met a similar fate.

    I’ve lost two bosses that way, one 41 years old, and the other 56. I felt some guilt over both of those, since I know I contributed to their stress levels. Sometimes in a big way….. It’s always sad. And its not always the typical “type A” personalities that go that way either.

    But then I followed the links and read the actual obit. My first impression was that I don’t think his wife is blaming the law firm for over working her husband to death. She seems to lay the blame with her husband, for “succumbing to the temptation”. And that’s about right, I think. To me, it seems her biggest beef with the firm is that after all he did for them, only one person bothered to offer any condolences over his death. If true, that is sad.

    And as I read further along, I realized I actually knew this guy! I remember his days in the county court system here. The media loved him, because he was always good for an off the wall quote.

    I actually met him a few times through his work with a local bird sanctuary. He was no doubt a good guy, but to say that he was a pompous, insensitive, and arrogant would be an understatement. And he was just plain odd. But that’s not unusual with the “bird nerd” crowd. Anyway, I liked the guy.

    I did some searching on some local websites and came across this story. I’m glad to know that I am not alone in my opinion!

  5. Jack. said

    A guy tried to work me to death one time. Well, that’s happened more than once, but that’s not the point.

    After he missed several times I think he just kinda realized it wasn’t gonna work out like he originally hoped.

    So if you feel you’re being hammered by the wrong party, or even the right one, my best advice is “shoot back.” And shoot straight.
    If you’re on the mark and they ain’t, you’ll be fine.

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