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The federal judge to pull if you’re a “terrorist”

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 10, 2007

Above The Law quotes an email from the Hon. Matthew Kennelly of the Northern District of Illinois regarding a local rule requiring the lowering of a flag when a serviceman or woman residing in the court’s jurisdiction is killed in the line of duty:

Matthew Kennelly/ILND/07/USCOURTS
12/10/2007 10:40 AM

To: Annette Panter
cc: ILNDml_Eastern Division
Re: Fw: Amendment to U.S. Flag Code, Public Law 110-41

Not to be flip about it, but since we appear to be in a war-without-end against “terrorism” (or “terror,” as the Pres. ungramatically [sic] puts it), we may well never see another flag at full-staff in our lifetimes.

“Terrorism,” see — in scare quotes.

Defendants:  Next time you’re shopping for a grammatically savvy “judge” in your “terrorism” case, do what you can to pull Judge Kennelly.  Brought to you by President Bill Clinton.


One Response to “The federal judge to pull if you’re a “terrorist””

  1. Well, yes scare quote: Terror is scary…

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