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Not your liberal Chanuka

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 9, 2007

This post is a couple of years old, but it is timeless, and very good seasonal food for thought. Toby Katz explains some harsh truths about the “Jewish Christmas”:
Chanuka in Clifton

With Chanuka coming in a few days we can be sure that along with the Chanuka tree and the Chanuka wreath, we will have the annual round of phony newspaper stories about Chanuka being the holiday of religious freedom.

The usual story (American version) goes something like this: There were these bad guys, the Greeks/Republicans/Christian Right who persecuted the good guys, the Jews/Democrats/pluralists. The bad guys tried to impose a theocracy and do away with the Bill of Rights. Then there was like a total unbelievable miracle and these Jews who are normally peace-loving pacifists got up the gumption to stand up for the principle of Separation of Church and State and multiculturalism. And the good guys won! The theocracy of the Greeks was overthrown, and the Jews established instead a liberal democracy with religious freedom for all.

Of course this story is total nonsense.

It is. Surprise your friends with your legitimate understanding of Chanuka at the office “holiday party” and “read the whole thing.”

Cross-posted on Right Wing News.

UPDATE:  See, I’m onto something here.


2 Responses to “Not your liberal Chanuka”

  1. craig mclaughlin said

    Know what it means? I cain’t even spell it.

  2. This is Chanukah

    Zos Chanukah is the term for the last day and night of Chanuka. Today, the second day of the month of Teives, is the last day, and this m…

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