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What happened to Eliot Spitzer?

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 5, 2007

The New Yorker considers the question. Excerpt:

Albany is the arbiter in New York’s ceaseless upstate-downstate tug-of-war, which simultaneously pits rural Republicans against big-city liberals, and Rust Belt Democrats against supply-side suburbanites. The proliferation of cross-purposes and strange bedfellows makes for pernicious and complicated arbitrating. This is one (but far from the only) reason that Albany is home to what may be the most dysfunctional state government in the nation.

There they go again. Why does New Jersey never get any respect?!  NB:  Smarty-pants Ivy boy Spitzer misuses the word enormity early on — and it evidently whizzes right past the New Yorker.  No respect for anything in this world!


One Response to “What happened to Eliot Spitzer?”

  1. Ara said

    The one thing I remember about the New Yorker article is the description of Spitzer as once being too political to be a prosecutor and now being too prosecutorial to be a politician.

    First Jewish president? Maybe not so much.

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