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The rich grow richer

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 4, 2007

I was shocked when I got an email from Princeton a couple of weeks ago announcing a new fundraising drive. Old Nassau wants to raise $1.75 billion. That’s new money, folks. Hardly surprising, according to (via Above the Law):

The $5.7 billion in investment gains generated by Harvard’s endowment for the year that ended June 30 exceeded the total endowment assets of all but six U.S. universities, five of which were Ivy Plus: Yale, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, and Columbia.

The article is probably wrong about how austerely earlier generations of Ivy Leaguers and their ilk lived — I wouldn’t say they did at all, based on contemporary standards, and in some respects they still lived better than today’s college kids. Through the ’80’s Williams College students still had their beds made for them by chambermaids.

But something’s way out of whack here.


7 Responses to “The rich grow richer”

  1. I went to Cal State Long Beach.

    We had a dining hall…complete with Tater Tots…

    Take that Princeton!

  2. Our mattresses were filled with fresh, warm Tater Tots, which were replenished every night at dusk.

  3. I’ve heard legend…but I’ve never had it confirmed.

    Is it also true that all clothing of those who lived on campus was found cleaned, pressed and folded when returning from class?

    I also hear that in the entire history of Princeton, a left sock has never been lost.


  4. Jack. said

    I’m not sure Princeton should be measured by legend, magic, and appearance alone.

    There’s also the long greasy hair, the self-absorption, the smell, and the voodoo.
    Just to be fair and all.

  5. Bob Miller said

    In late 1972, while we were taking an Army Ordnance Officer course at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, some of us were billeted down the road in the BOQ at Edgewood Arsenal. The BOQ was a replica of a motel of that era, complete with maid service taking care of cleaning, making the beds, etc. This earthly paradise I had never expected!

  6. Jack, you can’t judge a whole university by the Engineering Quad.

    Bob, dude. Late 1972 I was in fourth grade. “BOQ”?

  7. …is this an appropriate time for a “I’m younger than all of you” joke…or would that be tasteless?

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