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Solving Islamophobia

Posted by Ron Coleman on December 4, 2007

Robert Spencer has a … “road map,” let’s call it:

At the [Islamaphobia] Conference these wise souls will spend two days bemoaning hostility directed at Muslims and scratching their heads over why anyone might be upset with them. And although the participants will no doubt enjoy the two days in Constantinople, I could save them the trip. In the next two minutes, I will solve the problem of “Islamophobia,” right here, right now. That’s right! And there is nothing up my sleeve, ladies and gentlemen!In the first place, attacks on innocent civilians are never justified. Louts, thugs and vigilantes have no excuse, and anyone who targets random Muslims and commits violence against them deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law.

But if one wants to understand why it is happening, and what can be done to end it, no two-day star-studded conference is needed — unless, of course, that conference is meant to highlight the victim status of Muslims and divert attention from jihad terror activity. if Muslims want to end “Islamophobia” instantaneously, here’s how they can do it:

Go there and read it.


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