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Not so Fein

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 28, 2007


GLOOM FROM BRUCE FEIN: “The United States culture is decaying, growing steadily less capable of supporting a republican form of government.

He might be right, but Fein isn’t the one to make the argument.  From what I can tell he’s rounded the bend — and no one has demonstrated to my satisfaction that he hasn’t.


4 Responses to “Not so Fein”

  1. Ara said

    “Rounded the bend?”

    Seriously — you’re saying he’s insane?

  2. No, I wouldn’t say that…how about presenting it this way.

    Sarcastically, I’m saying he’s balanced.

  3. jskirwin said

    Gad not another one.

    I just posted this in response to a comment made at a geek forum I read. What is it this time? Corruption? America is less corrupt today than the “halcyon days” of political machines.

    Or is it just because Cheney is still in power?

    My first question is: What’s he selling? After all whining about the decline of America is big business.

  4. Kind of unhinged, Ara, yeah. Not exactly non compos mentis but, you know, he’s lost some sort of internal guidance mechanism.

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