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Don’t start with a Hasid

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 21, 2007

That’s the punchline of an old Jewish joke about a blessing that is part of the traditional thrice-daily prayers, which begins, “On the saintly (i.e., the tzadikim), and on the pious (the hasidim) …,’ asking for a special blessing in their merit. Why, the jape goes, doesn’t the blessing go in the opposite order — “on the hasidim, and on the tzadikim“? Answer: “Never start with a hasid!”

The New York Court of Appeals agrees, refusing to get involved in a succession fight among rival groups of one of the largest hasidic groups, the Satmar hasidim. What does that have to do with LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®? Well, of course, it recalls our discussion of the still-active trademark dispute among rivals in the Bobov hasidic group. And it reinforces our argument: Secular courts, and other agencies such as the Patent and Trademark Office, will be well advised not let their good offices be part of this “fun.”


2 Responses to “Don’t start with a Hasid”

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    “Never start with a hasid!” Funny!

    There are, believe it or not, about six people I can tell that joke to who will get it. I will make it my mission to tell all six asap.

  2. Why wouldn’t I believe you? You’re a multicultural guy.

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