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What is to be done?

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 19, 2007

Christopher Hitchens (via Instapundit):

“[T]he cabinet,” according to the Nov. 18 New York Times, “has sent legislation to the Parliament softening the de-Baathification law that had prevented former Baathists’ working in government jobs.” I wonder how many people, reading that ordinary sentence about “the cabinet” and “the Parliament,” as reported also in independent Iraqi media, have any idea what it means when compared with the insane proceedings of the totalitarian abattoir state that was Iraq until 2003.

Now juxtapose that with this Instapundit link:


Democrats in Congress failed once again Friday to shift President Bush’s war strategy in Iraq, but insisted that they would not let up. Their explanation for their latest foiled effort seemed to boil down to a simple question: “What else are we supposed to do?”

This is the same party whose legislative leader said, referring to Ronald Reagan, “The evil is in the White House” when he faced down Stalinism’s heirs. Let me give you the whole quote from the now mistily-remembered Tip O’Neill:

The evil is in the White House at the present time. And that evil is a man who has no care and no concern for the working class of America and the future generations of America, and who likes to ride a horse. He’s cold. He’s mean. He’s got ice water for blood.

Talk about ice water. The Democratic leadership, fearing their left flank, actually want to retreat, not when we’re losing, but when we’re winningliterally to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and to turn over an entire country to an otherwise defeated “totalitarian abattoir state” — as we’ve done before.

“What else are we supposed to do?”

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2 Responses to “What is to be done?”

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    Reagan? That’s a stretch isn’t it? I think it’s time your feelings stopped being hurt about something one politician said to another one over 25 years ago.

    As for winning the war, we’ve heard that one before, haven’t we? Last throes, turning a corner, mission accomplished. Fact is the Iraq war and occupation has broken the army and prevented us from attending to issues far more grave and imminently dangerous. It’s slated to cost us $1.5 Trillion plus 35 thousand American casualties and for what exactly? No one seems to be able to justify the cost, last I heard. Oh wait — I forgot: we have to protect Pres. Bush’s legacy. Right.

    No matter what — “winning” or losing — the answer always remains the same: “Stay the course.”

    You know what, Ara? No one ever called O’Neill on it, no one ever apologized for it, and — here’s the relevance — it was the same argument. No matter what — winning or “losing” — the answer always remains the same: “Give up!” — RDC

  2. Lev said

    Tip O’Neill reminded who his employer was—2620 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, D.C.: Embassy of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics to the United States of America; rezidentura(station)of the First Directorate of the Intelligence of the KGB under Council of Ministers of the USSR.

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