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Bad lawyer. Bad.

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 15, 2007

Thanatopsis - Asher B. Durand

TaxProf Blog quotes the Seventh Circuit once again whaling on a hapless lawyer:

Jerold W. Barringer represented Patridge at trial, in the Tax Court, and during the three appeals to this court. He has performed below the standard of a pro se litigant; we have serious doubt about his fitness to practice law. The problem is not simply his inability to distinguish between plausible and preposterous arguments. It is his disdain for the norms of legal practice (19 issues indeed!) and the rules of procedure. . . .

Here is the complete text of his “STATEMENT OF THE FACTS” . . . . This contains not a single fact and verges on illiteracy. . . .

We therefore give Barringer 14 days to show cause why he should not be fined $10,000 for his frivolous arguments and noncompliance with the Rules, and why he should not be suspended from practice until he demonstrates an ability to litigate an appeal competently and responsibly.

Just this kind of day for me. Hat tip to Above the Law.


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