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Hate means

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 14, 2007

Stuart Taylor writes:

In academia today, a professor who falsely smears his university’s students as racists is a hot commodity. And hate means never having to say you’re sorry.

(Via I/P.)  Gosh, I am glad I got out of there before it got this bad — though I don’t think it’s this bad at my alma mater, regarding which I do pay some attention to developments.  Even in the early ’80’s, Princeton was certainly across-the-board politically correct.  When I put up signs promoting a campus chapter of a group called, at the time “Peace Through Strength” — I don’t know what became of it, though several groups using that name seem to still exist — they were all, every one of them, pulled down well before the event took place.  Still, that is part of the game.  I was a Resident Advisor my senior year (I wouldn’t have even gotten the gig at Duke or one of the other PC hotbeds) and we had no responsibility for ideological indoctrination, nor was there much of that at all 25 years ago — though you could see its beginnings.

And where is its end?


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