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City of Brass: burn

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 12, 2007

City of Brass:

[I]t behooves us all to remember who kills the most innocent muslim blood in this world. Not secret Jewish cabals, or neocon conspiracies, or colonial designs; none of these bogeymen of the modern ummah are to blame.The Reavers. The Reavers alone are the enemy of the Ummah.

And the dominant organizing principle of a western muslim political movement must not be focused on nonsensically unrelated issues like Israel-Palestine or Iraq withdrawal or Iranian nuclear capabilities. Nor should it chase after “reform” or “moderation” or “dialog”. No; the dominant principle of a Western muslim polity should be to promote foreign policy that destroys them.

Until then, the Ummah will live in fear from within.

Okay, well, I don’t know about this Reaver business, but Aziz seems to absolutely get it.  Did he only get it at this point?  Or did I miss his anger at some point below the 59 innocent Muslim schoolchildren killed in a suicide attack this week?

Or was it the Muslim schoolchildren part I missed?  Well, in any event, here we are.  What will the Ummah do?  (Via Dean’s World.)


6 Responses to “City of Brass: burn”

  1. Aziz said

    ron, i “got it” a long time ago.

  2. Aziz said

    and, there is no ummah capable of meaningful action.

  3. Yeah, Aziz, in fact my question was rhetorical, and I expected you to come down here and set the record straight.

  4. Aziz said

    i think i’m blogging myself into a corner. Is there any group to which I ostensibly belong that I haven’t alienated recently?

    You sound like President Musharraf. — RDC

  5. jaymaster said


    My advice (which you did not ask for, of course) is to quit worrying about which groups you might offend. Except for family, maybe. Groups are mostly just labels applied to arbitrary and arguable dividing lines anyway.

    Go with what your mind and your heart and your gut and your soul tell you is right, and accept the consequences. You’ll sleep better. If those four factions can’t come to a consensus, then you can fall back on your favorite groups for advice and direction.

    If you follow those four, don’t be surprised if you someday find yourself leading a few groups of your own.

  6. Aziz said

    I like the sound of that, Ron 🙂 Dictator aint such a bad gig. Naturally, I would be a benevolent tyrant.

    yeah, jay – thats pretty much how i operate. i just figure blog it and then deal. Ive still got some ugly scars from this though. google me and you will find all sorts of crap.

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