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Interesting possibilities

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 7, 2007

freakingnewscom-chimera.jpgInstapundit quotes Senator former President Hillary Clinton: “The federal government should be making immigration policy and that’s what I’m going to try to do as president again.”

Hmm. Well, then, now that we’re being all out front about this, is it time to deploy the 22nd Amendment?


6 Responses to “Interesting possibilities”

  1. craig mclaughlin said

    The eighth amendment is more like it.

  2. LOL — I mean, I actually did laugh out loud.

    But our problems here really started with the 19th…

  3. Craig
    I had to look it up but I lol’d too.

  4. Well, if we’re having Full Disclosure Wednesday, I feel duty bound to say I had to look it up, too.


  5. Which amendment?

    Hillary comes clean on her first Administration. The question now is — which constitutional provision is implicated? I had

  6. jaymaster said

    I didn’t have to look it up! I practically memorized the Bill of Rights yesterday in relation to your Second Ammendment post.

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