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I am, too, popular!

Posted by Ron Coleman on November 2, 2007

I find the idea of electioneering in the these things distasteful.

But coming in last would leave an unpleasant taste in my, mouth, too.

So help me prove I have friends and cast your vote for LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® as Best Law Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards


Do it for the children.


UPDATE:  It is to laugh — I really am coming in last!  Not ready for prime time, alas!  Yet a decent place to be, in truth…


15 Responses to “I am, too, popular!”

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    Vote early and often.

    I did.

  2. Thinkyou.

  3. Jack said


    If he was thinking he wouldn’t be voting for anything on the internet.

    “I find the idea of electioneering in the these things distasteful.”

    And I find that hard to believe, all things considered. Nevertheless I’m gonna go there and do something I never do on the internet. I’m gonna vote with my clothes on for once. See what you people have brought me to?

    And oh, Godspeed with this.

    If you win, and it lands on the international lecture circuit, then don’t forget all of the little people who made this possible.

    Sometimes when people go global they forget the little folks.

  4. Why would you say that, Jack? It is distasteful. I have ZERO chance of winning — it is a popularity contest, and not only that — Volokh has a GREAT blog. But I don’t want to be “embarrassed.”

  5. Jack said

    I’m just ragging with ya Ron.

  6. Jack said

    By the way, in all seriousness, I’d be about as embarrassed at not winning a no-count contest on the internet as I was at not scoring the biggest crap for the dump-taking contest at my dorm at the second college I attended. (Or was it the third?) If I had eaten all of those corndogs and pretzels and had nothing to show for it? Then again, I did win that contest, hands down baby, and so I wasn’t embarrassed at all.

    But that’s just me.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you take this kinda thing (popularity and the internet) too seriously then it had better at least win you free beer and first crack at the toilet for a week.

    I also wormed out of KP duty because of it, but that’s another story.

  7. Ok, well, how’s about just building some traffic and getting some clients?

  8. Dale said

    Ron if you are seriously interested in understanding what Celia Farber over at Dean’s World is talking about in her last couple of posts I suggest that you check out the following: This is the text of the BBC apology letter. This is Nick Bennett’s website.

    You can come to your own conclusions.

    Sorry for posting this here but I can’t post there.

  9. Urgh. Thanks, Dale. I am not sure how much work I am prepared to do follow this. This is Celia’s issue — why can’t she present it coherently to newcomers?

  10. For you?
    Of course.

  11. Jack said

    “Ok, well, how’s about just building some traffic and getting some clients?”

    Now ya talkin spit-shine!

  12. Done and done. Good luck!

  13. I’ve hit it up twice now.

  14. M. Barrette said

    Only 46 votes? Maybe people don’t consider you a blogger anymore after that Fox News appearance. Well, you got my vote.

  15. Thanks. This is a remarkable lesson, of sorts. I posted this here, and on Likelihood of Confusion, of course; and on Dean’s World, a Big Blog. All the support I could rustle up was, at this point, 46 votes! It reminds me a little of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! If my blog really isn’t that good — or not nearly as good as, oh, the nine others listed — all the supposed good will in the world isn’t going to get me votes!

    I regret ever mentioning it, since I could have come in last very well without doing so! 🙂

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