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Atheism ascendant

Posted by Ron Coleman on October 29, 2007

Roland Dodds posted this weird, retro propaganda clip from the silly ol’ Red Scare days.  It shows the new commissar of, I don’t know, Anytown, USA, trying to debrief a classroom full of wide-eyed Christian children on the topic of how their deity answers prayers.  As Roland writes, “This great piece of Cold War propaganda would be hilariously bad if it wasn’t technically true.”

Indeed.  The fact is, this level of argumentation is about what you get from the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” set anyway.  They aren’t commies, at least not all of them, but they can be about that creepy in a certain sense — and no more logically compelling.


One Response to “Atheism ascendant”

  1. Trust me, on this side of the atheism-superstition divide, we think that people with imaginary friends are kind of creepy too. We think that doubly about people who believe in really nasty, insecure, and genocidal imaginary friends.

    That all said, most of us (I) still love all of you over on that side and will welcome you over to ours with open arms if you stop believing in goblins, the easter bunny, zombies, unicorns, talking snakes, and any other wondrous products of over-active imaginations.

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